Buy Backlinks Introduction

At Buy Backlinks we specialise in link building. This is the primary factor when ranking your site on search engines but it's difficult to obtain the high quality backlinks.

You most likely landed on Buy Backlinks because you found us on the first page through the search results for the keyword "buy backlinks". This proves we have the capabilities to achieve the same for your website.

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These days it's a slow and tedious process to obtain high quality backlinks naturally, you can overcome this problem by buying our backlinks. It's a controversial topic amongst webmasters to buy backlinks due to the fear of penalisation but realistically this will never happen if it's done correctly. Webmasters buy backlinks on a large scale and it's impossible for search engines to analyse this and justify a penalisation. It's also evident that large organisations buy backlinks, they will buy backlinks by paying bloggers, review websites and other informative websites to include a backlink on their website. Buying backlinks is a widespread practice amongst the link building community.

A lot of webmasters buy backlinks by Page Rank (PR), this is an unnecessary field to filter by because Page Rank is no longer updated and a lot of high quality websites will be ignored. I highly recommend assessing your backlink profile through a backlink tool called Majestic, they offer a free browser extension to check the Trust Flow and Citation Flow built to a specific URL, you have a limited number of tries if you use their website. If you don't build any backlinks to tier 1 and 2, then the Trust Flow or Citation Flow metric for the URL will be 0.

Buy Backlinks Plans

These backlinks are a mix of do follow and no follow. They will come from a variety of submission types, all to ensure a diverse backlink profile.

They have niche related content.

They are authoritative, it’s essential to have a linking structure to make the tier 1 pointing to your site authoritative. If there is no such linking structure in place, then tier 1 backlinks would be significantly less effective.

Tier 3 Backlinks: Standard - 500, Premium - 1000, Pro - 2000


Tier 2 Backlinks: Standard - 500, Premium - 1000, Pro - 2000


Tier 1 Backlinks: Standard - 500, Premium - 1000, Pro - 2000


Your Website

The backlinks will be delivered within 24 hours from purchase.

It’s important to note that other sellers mention they will build a ridiculous number of backlinks to tier 1, 30,000 or so. This never happens as it’s evident through backlink tools.

Furthermore, I have purchased thousands of pounds worth of backlink services, none of these gigs affected my rankings significantly. This was down to multiple reasons:

  • The backlinks had no content or it wasn’t relevant.
  • The backlinks pointing to my site didn’t have any authority because it didn’t follow a structure.


  • A maximum of 100 keywords per URL used as anchor text.
  • A maximum of 10 URL’s.
  • I don’t accept explicit websites.

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