Advantages of Buying Backlinks That Do Not Violate Google’s Guidelines

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When performing SEO for your website, it’s not enough that you buy backlinks from reputable sources. It’s equally important that you be aware of the kinds of backlinks that are going against the guidelines of Google. When you violate such guidelines, you can expect your site to be vulnerable to penalties by Google.

In this post, you will learn more about the kinds of backlinks you need to avoid. Here they are:

Link Exchanges – less than a decade ago, link exchanges are a very common means of building backlinks. Website owners used to perform a lot of them, and so Google needed to do something to stop it. If you have a couple of backlinks from your friends, you shouldn’t worry. But if this is what you do with hundreds of other websites, Google may see this as a warning that you’re doing something unacceptable to them.

Widget Backlinks – Google advises using rel= “nofollow” to widgets. There are numerous big websites that have been penalized by Google for using widgets as a method for link building. If you have a badge, or a plugin, which you want people to be able to embed on their own sites, then you should give them a choice of whether to link to it or not.

Paid Links Passing PageRank – there is nothing wrong with buying backlinks as long as all those links still go through PageRank. When you buy backlinks that pass PageRank, these links will be considered by Google as unnatural.

Article Directories – certain websites like ArticleBase and EzineArticles do not really provide much value to readers. This is the main reason why Google has devalued those sites. The only purpose of such article directories is to produce thousands of articles on the same topic, and not to offer something useful to readers.

Hiding Links in Javascript and CSS – search engine robots are updated on a consistent basis and they are made to know or understand the qualities of the backlinks they are crawling. So even if you are good at hiding your backlinks on your website or other websites, Google will still know about what you’re doing and they will penalize you for it.

Using the Same Anchor Text – it doesn’t matter what platform your backlinks are from, it’s not a good idea to use the same keyword or key phrases again and again for your backlinks. Google has a way of knowing and detecting patterns, and when you are caught using hundreds of identical anchor texts, you’re at risk of being penalized.

Poor Quality Guest Posting – guest blogging is one of the best ways to build backlinks. But if you abuse it, Google will certainly do something to stop you from doing it. Keep in mind that when you do guest posting, quality should be your top priority.

Bottom Line

Building links is a tricky process. It may seem easy and very doable at first, but remember that one wrong move may cost you your website. Thus, if you’re thinking of buying backlinks, make sure you get your links from reputable companies like Buy Backlinks. They are experts in the field, so you can rest assured your website is safe.

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