Advantages of Buying Backlinks That Will Not Compromise Your Site’s Reputation

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Link building is one of the pillars of effective SEO, which is why many web owners choose to buy backlinks because they know this is an important investment for their business. Should you decide to go for buying backlinks, keep in mind that not all available backlinks out there will be good for your business. As a matter of fact, there are plenty of link building mistakes you might end up committing, which can be costly for your business. Below are among the most common ones you should avoid:

1. Using irrelevant and low quality anchor texts for your links.

It’s good if the pagerank of the site you’re getting backlinks from is high. However, its high pagerank won’t matter at all if the anchor text you’re using is “Click here!” Never forget that the keywords or phrases you are using in your anchor text play a very important role in increasing the quality of backlinks. Go for anchor texts that are not just appealing, but valuable to your audience.

2. Obtaining an image link instead of using a text link with keyword.

It is typical for webmasters to skip minor details when trying to get backlinks. Although an image link is good and can also generate visitors to your site than a text link, in SEO, using a keyword in the anchor text remains the most effective technique. And when you buy backlinks, make sure also that you specify the kinds of backlinks you need.

3. Forgetting to use ALT text when image link is the only option.

There are times when an image link is the only way you can obtain a backlink. In this case, you should not reject the idea of using image links. And when you do, you have to make sure that your keywords are used in the ALT text of the image link.

4. Obtaining backlinks from websites that contain tons of links.

Even when you go for buying backlinks, it’s important that you choose those that come from pages or sites that don’t contain hundreds of other backlinks. There are pages that may contain at least 200 backlinks, and these are the pages you don’t want to include your backlinks.

5. Getting backlinks from websites with bad reputation.

Getting links from bad neighbors is not a good idea and this can hurt your website big time! Linking to these websites will be considered by Google as a sign that you endorse such bad websites, and this may lead to you being penalized as well. With that said, it’s very important that you check the reputation of the websites you’re getting backlinks from.

The good thing about buying backlinks from websites like Buy Backlinks is that they guarantee that all the backlinks they give you come from reputable websites. That way, the reputation of your website can be maintained, and you can also avoid getting penalized for linking to bad websites. And of course, quality backlinks can boost your website’s chances of generating more traffic.

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