Advantages Of Buying Backlinks and When to Perform a Backlink Cleanup

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If you’ve been keeping up with the latest trends in SEO over the past couple of years, you know that buying backlinks and link removal are two of the hottest topics among website owners. There are numerous sites where you can buy quality backlinks, and there are many tutorials also that teach in detail how to identify and eliminate harmful backlinks.

But one of the biggest questions in the minds of site owners is when the best time is to clean up your backlink profile. Do you need to wait until you receive a link warning from Google? Or should you take it upon yourself to figure out which of your backlinks need to be removed?

Here are the two instances that will indicate it’s time for a massive cleanup:

1. When you receive a warning or a manual penalty from Google

If Google tells you that you should do a backlink cleanup, then you should definitely do some cleanup. Although you are confident that you buy backlinks only from reliable providers, there are many reasons why those good backlinks go bad. When they do, Google will know and will let you know about it.

Typically, Google gives out two types of penalties – manual and algorithm penalties. Google is generous enough to first let you know that your site has been given a manual penalty for having an unnatural link profile. It will also reconsider removing you from the search results provided that you immediately get rid of all your bad backlinks.

However, if you refuse to take action after receiving a manual penalty, your site will be in great danger, and this means that your site will not appear in search results for a very long time. Of course you don’t want this to happen to your website, so make sure you buy backlinks that are of high quality, and remove all the bad ones from your profile.

2. When your website is not ranking anymore

If you notice that your site hasn’t been ranking like it did in the past, there’s a possibility that your site has been hit by Google’s algorithmic penalty.

An algorithmic penalty is one that occurs automatically, and it results from an update to Google’s algorithm, like Google Penguin or Panda. There are no specific signs that Google has given your website this kind of penalty, but a good indication will be the continuous plummeting of your website traffic.

If indeed your site has been given an algorithmic penalty, one of the first things to do is cleanup your bad backlinks. You may also check your analytics data to see if what could be causing the sudden drop in your site traffic.

After cleaning up your backlink profile and checking the other SEO components of your site, and your traffic continues to drop, well, it could just be because your competitors are doing a great job. In that case, all you need to do is be aggressive in your SEO efforts and keep buying backlinks that have high quality. Check out the services of Buy Backlinks and discover how they can help boost your site’s performance.

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