Cleaning Up Bad Backlinks and the Advantages of Buying Backlinks from Good Sources

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Whether buying backlinks is your strategy or you prefer to build your backlinks on your own, there’s always a possibility that some of your backlinks are bad or poor quality ones. You need to be careful also in choosing an SEO company where you will buy backlinks from because there are many shady companies out that only want to get your money.

How to Spot Bad Backlinks

The primary difference between good backlinks and bad backlinks is the kind and quality of websites they are on. Typically, bad backlinks are not very hard to find, but often, it’s necessary for you to check the website itself to know if the backlinks will have a negative effect on your site.

These are the categories you should use to identify bad backlinks:

Bad backlinks come from a website that’s set up only for SEO links.
If a website contains so many articles that are poorly written, it’s possible that such website is created only for the purpose of building backlinks for other websites. Examples of this kind of website are ArticleBase and Ezine Articles. If you explore these article directories, you will see that the purpose of the articles there are for link building only and not to give readers useful information.

Bad backlinks are included in the comments of other websites.

Many website owners use this backlinking method without realizing that it’s actually putting their websites at risk. What they do is leave comments like ‘love the info, great article, thanks for the heads up’ in a website’s comment forms and at the same time, leave their links in their comments. What they don’t know, however, is that spambots are very intelligent and are continuously updated to be able to spot even spam comments.

Backlinks with overly optimized anchor texts are bad links.

If your site has numerous backlinks from websites that are using the same keywords over and over again, your website will look suspicious. If you want to build or buy backlinks that are of high quality, you need to make sure their anchor texts contain a variety of keywords, and keywords relevant to the content.

Bad backlinks come from countries where your audience are not located.

If you’re selling cleaning products, for example, your backlinks should come from websites that are offering products or services in related industries. This also means that your backlinks should come from websites in the same country as yours. Otherwise, your backlinks will look very unnatural and your backlinking strategy will be considered suspicious.

How to Get Rid of Bad Backlinks

There are a couple of ways you can get rid of your bad backlinks. First, you can contact the website owner and politely as to remove the link. Also, you should check your own website and find the pages which the bad backlinks are linked to. You may have no other choice but to take down that page. If it’s too risky to do so, the only thing you can do is disavow the bad backlinks. To avoid all the inconvenience and hassle, be sure to buy backlinks only from reputable sites such as

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