Common Reasons Why Backlinks May Go Bad

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Obtaining high quality backlinks is an important part of your search engine optimization strategy, but it’s not the end of it. After you get links, you must keep an eye on them. Keep in mind that just because a link is high quality, authority, and relevant to your website does not mean it will stay that way forever.

There are several reasons some of your backlinks may ‘go bad’. It’s very important that you be aware of your backlinks before they cause damage to your rankings.

Here are some of the most common reasons backlinks get broken:

a. The website of the backlink has a new owner.

URLs and domains expire over time, and the good ones are hot commodities. One thing that spammers are very good at is snatching up recently expired URLs so that they can get all previously built links. If you don’t want your links to end up in spam websites, be sure to check from time to time if your links are still under good site ownership.

b. The site content has deteriorated.

Quality content is a very important factor in maintaining the status and ranking of a website, and it is a never-ending process. If something happens to the website that has prevented it from producing quality content, there’s a good chance that the website will lose its good ranking and positive reputation. No matter what the reason is for the degrading quality of the web content, you must make sure you’re not associated with it.

c. The backlink does not exist anymore.

It is also possible for website owners to delete some pages on their website. This means also that it’s possible for your backlinks to be deleted along with the content. When this happens, you will end up linking to a blank page or an error page, which is not good for your reputation. Although you are not the one who removed the content, you will still be the one to be blamed by your readers. Unfortunately, this will make them think of you as unprofessional and unreliable.

d. The linked website has increased their ads.

It is also possible that the original link still exists, but the page is now filled with flashing banner ads, pop-up ads, and other indications of a spammy website. You have to remember that SEO algorithms take a look at the amount of ads per web page, and they think that having too many ads is like a spam. Besides, readers tend to get annoyed with too many ads on a page, so this is another reason you wouldn’t want to be associated with a website containing way too many ads.

e. The link and content are no longer relevant.

For instance, if you are linking to a website that offers the best PPC tips for 2013, how can it make you look good in the eyes of your readers? If you’re not planning to monitor your backlinks on a consistent basis, make sure that you go for evergreen links instead.


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