Tips for Analyzing a Website to Get Quality Backlinks

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So you’re looking for the best link building strategy so you can build high quality backlinks to your site and eventually get a good ranking in search engines. This is what effective SEO is all about. Considering how strict Google is when it comes to indexing websites, you need to be very careful in choosing the types of backlinks you’re going to build. If you fill your website with quality backlinks, there’s no doubt that good things will happen to your site. But if you’re not careful enough, even a single bad backlink can do harm to your website.

To avoid coming in contact with bad backlinks, you need to do a quick audit of the websites you want to build links on. This process won’t take too much of your time, but if you don’t want the hassle, it’s a better idea to obtain your backlinks from Buy Backlinks.

Tips for Analyzing Websites for Backlinking

1. Consider the relevancy of the website.

No matter how great the SEO metrics of a website is, it won’t be worth getting links from it if it isn’t relevant to your website. Site relevancy is one of the most important factors you should consider when choosing a website to build links with. See to it that the website you’re evaluating covers the same topics that are covered in your site.

2. Check how often content is published.

One of the easiest way to know if a website is still active is by checking out the date of their most recent posts. If it turns out that the site hasn’t posted any content for months already, it’s possible that the site has been abandoned. There are several reasons for this to happen, and one is because of Google penalty.

3. Make sure the website wasn’t penalized and is being indexed by Google.

You can check whether or not a website is indexed in Google by doing a search using If you get no results from Google, then it’s likely that the site has indeed been penalized and taken out of the search results. This is a rare scenario, but it’s still important that you avoid websites that are penalized.

4. Analyze the website’s traffic.

There are free tools online that you can use to get insights about a website’s traffic. Be sure to pay attention to the traffic sources and do an analysis to see if the data makes sense. If the website turns out to have very little search traffic, you should consider this as a red flag.

5. Get to know the site’s audience.

You need to know if linking from a particular website will cause your own site to get increased traffic. You can do this by checking out the number of comments of their posts. Don’t forget to look at their social media accounts and see how many followers they have and how active their followers are in engaging with their content. The more traffic a website has, the more productive backlinks you can get from it.

There are several other ways of analyzing the quality of a website to know if it’s worth building links with. If you’re not confident that you can do the analysis well and would like to get high quality backlinks, Buy Backlinks is where you should seek help.

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